Nailing the Flamenco sound: Double Half

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Auto Generated Transcript

Hey the national trick to nailing that flamenco sound is to practice going back between back and forth between one tempo and double that tempo you do that with a strawman and you do that when you when you pick and it's a really good exercise and you can do a thousand exercises like this but the essential thing is that you go from a subdivision of eight to sixteen or whatever right from sixteen to thirty two whatever you want as long as you double it so when it's strumming we're talking about you might go one and two and first take it down to ten but we can manage you and two and three and four and what.

We basically have tries is many strokes right on to.

That. And it's important that your hand is actually moving at twice the speed because you can go one.

Only with downstrokes.

And then you know so you have to go on.


And the beginning this is a very good exercise just taking like a good deal of time to play one and then the other twice the tempo then you move on from there and go home so you go one and two and that's that that that that that So you only have half a bar of the slow and half about the fast.

And you move on from there you go but that that that that that that that. That so you have even small increments of going back and forth between that.

And then you speed it up that's the fun part about it to see how how high you can go.

And when you strong fast you go from using your whole arm to just using your hand he said. Like that.

And then you can read.

And then you go for even about.


But that's that's the going from from the dog. Right away but if you stop practicing going back and forth between double and half you are practicing that from start again.

And then you can go on to playing triplets so you go by that that that that that that all those subdivisions basically that's what we've been through it is something visions of the body and it's really there are many we just went through them all basically trip.