The Classical Collection

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A playful, light and ear catching Powerlick that provides you with endless melodic material. Perfect for compositions, improvised solos and blazing fast runs.

You will find the finger combinations in this bundle of licks very natural and relatively easy to do.

Technically and melodically this Powerlick is more complex than the first but this also means that it's an even greater source of original lines and licks.

As you practice this Powerlick you quickly realize that it targets some of the more difficult left hand finger movements

The sequences in this Powerlick create a flexible composition that you can change and mold to your liking. It is as if everything you play using these "gears" sounds meticulously composed and prepared in advanced.

Using a mix of pedal point and linear scale movements this Powerlick has the best of both worlds. 


VIDEO 1 - 27:56
Introduction and The power of focus
- Why the Powerlick philosophy is so effective

VIDEO 2 - 18:17
Fundamental classical sequences

- Sequence 1 and 2

VIDEO 3 - 21:17
Fundamental classical sequences

- Sequence 3 and 4

VIDEO 4 - 26:57
The Gears of the the first powerlick
- Demonstration of the first powerlick, close up

VIDEO 5 - 23:11
How to get big results fast
- Step by step method of practicing your new Powerlicks


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