The Four Week Superior Sequences Starter Pack

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One course every week for four weeks. Hand picked sequences combined into effective powerlicks covers every soloing need and purpose. You will receive access to a new digital publication each week:

DYNAMIAN: An infusion og melodic ideas into your playing style. This powerlick will change the ideas you get and the lines, licks and melodies you create.

VELOPE: This is the speed demon of this bundle. With simple and yet interesting sequences this powerlick delivers both velocity and character to your style of playing.

PENTAMOROUS: A two notes per string dynamic and interesting powerlick that is a joy to play. Add this bundle of highly generic sequences to your pentatonic vocabulary and hear your playing transform.

ORIGINEER: Develop fretting skills like no one else. This powerlick will teach the muscles in your fingers to move in new original ways and you will be able to produce lines that sound new and fresh.

CEQUENTIA MANUAL: Twenty five page online manual. The Cequentia philosophy and the Cequentia practice method.

The books are digital online publications:

  • Access your books from any computer or device, Mac or PC, IOS or Android device.

  • Listen to each tab by clicking the icons within the publication

  • Download as PDF

  • Order a physical version of your book ($12)